Shonda Smith
Rebounding, Recharging, & Rediscovering Self-Purpose
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Rebounding, Recharging, & Rediscovering Self-Purpose

Shonda Smith has spent years educating, inspiring, and motivating our youth to reach their best potential. After starting her career more than eighteen years ago in the public school systems of the Carolinas and as a licensed hairstylist, she is now seen as the Transformation Queen to young girls as she teaches self-love, courage, and confidence. With her background as an elementary school teacher, Shonda honed her skills to motivate girls who are struggling with low self-esteem, strained relationships, and even those that are coping with the effects of abuse. As the founder and CEO of The Queen in Me, LLC, Shonda Smith has a real passion for transparency that allows her to share her personal survivor’s story with others in a way that provides encouragement and sets the stage for transformation. With her Ultimate Workshop Series, Luv’n the Queen in Me™, Shonda is transforming the lives of girls of all ages and empowering them with the tools to love themselves, R.E.I.G.N. in their lives, and change the world!

Shonda Smith is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University majoring in Elementary Education. Prior to college, she taught pre-k and kindergarten as an assistant teacher. During her undergraduate term, she was a middle school substitute teacher for four years. She also graduated Strand College of Hair Design as a licensed Cosmetologist. With over sixteen years in the beauty industry, she later became a salon owner and a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. After working as a fourth grade teacher and an English Language Learner’s teacher for ten years, she began to merge her passion for working with our youth and her gift of beauty by transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. She is now the owner of The Queen in Me Salon and the founder and CEO of The Queen in Me Girl’s Empowerment Organization. She is a Certified Girl’s Empowerment Coach through Intercontinental Coaching Institute (ICI).

Shonda Smith enjoys spending quality time with her wonderful husband who is her life partner and their five amazing children. When she’s not cuddling on the couch during family movie night or nurturing her own little Queens, she manages to create quiet time to meditate and give thanks to her creator, read inspirational and leadership books, and journal about life’s journey thus far and her future goals.

In addition to being a mentor and girl’s empowerment coach, Shonda is also currently finalizing an interactive transformational journal for girls. It is her mission to teach girls about their true beauty on the inside and out.

As a former fourth grade school teacher who’s now the Transformation Queen, Shonda Smith is actively looking to connect with agencies, counselors, group homes, family service professionals, and other professionals who work directly with girls to introduce her ultimate workshop series, Luv’n the Queen in Meand Transform Tweens to Queens nationally and internationally.




Shonda Smith

Transformation Queen

Girl's Empowerment Coach







Discover the Queen Within!

with the Ultimate Girl's Empowerment Workshop Series  "Luv'n the Queen in Me™"
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An Age Appropriate Guided Journaling Experience

covering topics such as
pride, power of voice, passion, purpose, Body Protection & protocol

Queen Affirmations for practicing positive self-talk, character building,
Positive relationship building, Body ownership & Awareness,
Social skills & problem solving, Peer pressure and more!



Transforming lives of young girls through rebounding, recharging, and rediscovering self–purpose that leads to their highest potential.


The Queen In Me Girl's Empowerment Organizaton will transform Tweens and Teens to Queens who love themselves, R.E.I.G.N. in their lives, and change the world!


1000 Girls Initiative- The Queen in Me wants to reach 1000 girls in 2017 to introduce the Ultimate Girl's Empowerment Workshop Series, Luv'n the Queen in Me™ which empowers girls of all ages and equips them with the tools to reach their highest potential.




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